Brand Name: Potts Cue

Potts Cue-A created brand of Chinese style pool cue,here is the brand logo

Brand origins: The Potts cue brand was created in 2013 by a British Gareth ▪  David ▪Potts (who is four-time world champion of English eight-ball , two-time world champion of Chinese eight-ball )

the brand was operated by JOY Billiards company .

The cue features: Integrated with century UK cue making craft, selected the top American ash,

black carbon fiber ferrule, 11.5mm special-made cue head,  It is reputed as the most suitable cue to play Chinese  eight-ball.

握把(乌木) Butt(Ebony)




重心Gravity center

先角直径 Ferrule diameter

Brand stories:

When the UK professional English eight-ball player Gareth ▪  David ▪Potts was invited to

participate in the first session of World Chinese eight-ball final Masters, he found the Chinese

eight-ball is a billiards sport with special and unique charm. But so far there is no any cue was specifically designed for this sport .

Potts concluded that if a player wants to make the best performance in playing Chinese eight

-ball , he must select and use a special equipment, however, nine-ball cue and snooker cue

is obviously not the best choice , therefore a unique cue needs to be invented for it. So Potts decided to create a suitable cue that is especially for playing Chinese eight-ball, that is the prototype of Potts cue.

By using the idiosyncratic Potts cue, for his first time participating in the Chinese eight-ball,he has defeated the other top players and won the champion . Except attributes to his flawless technique,

he also has his secret weapon - a homemade cue, which has received a lot of attention among the whole billiards industry.After the tournament, the counterfeited cue with similar shape appeared and been on sale in the domestic market. Because with only the shape ,there was no brand that time, and it was self created by Potts, then named the brand "Potts Cue".

The Founder  Mr Potts have invited senior cue makers to get involved in the research and development, after 2 years of concentrated development, the more quality Potts cue was

finally hand-built for fans,"we believe we have developed a cue that is best fit to play the

Chinese eight-ball ,the unique  taper shaft and specially- made black ferrule makes this Cue

absolutely special. The appearance is similar with snooker cue visually, featured the unique taper shaft ,lager tip and specially designed ferrule which can decreases deviations,it can help solve the deviation problem when spinning, while also increased the hitting accuracy enormously . "Says


On January 1, 2016, the first genuine Potts cue was officially on sale ,it was soon widely praised by

players and fans. Potts has created a brand new category of pool cue, in the meantime

contributed to a unprecedented enthusiasm among fans to buy the Chinese style cue.