Biggest High-end Billiard Manufacturer In China

Qinhuangdao JOY Billiards Table Factory is the member of Qinhuangdao JOY Billiards Group, which has worlds leading numerical control billiard table production line, and yearly production capability is 10000 high-end billiard table.  At present, it takes the first place in domestic high-end  Chinese eight ball area. The factory owns 7 technology patents which including one English patent. Qinhuangdao JOY Billiards Table Factory is the front runner of world billiard table manufacturing technology.

Qinhuangdao JOY Billiards Table Factory devote itself to research and develop of latest billiard technology, it regard to satisfy the demand of the players and clients as the goal of product development.

Qinhuangdao JOY Billiards Table Factory  assault its main target on flatness, cushion and pocket, and now it has seven national patent, slate taper pin connection obtains Chinese invention patent,  “┓”style steel cushion obtains Chinese and English invention patent.

In recent years, JOY Billiards Table Factory develops rapidly, the production value go up continuously,and now  it is at the forefront of this industry. Now there are more than 2500 billiard clubs using JOY billiard table.

JOY, the leader of Chinese eight ball

Qinhuangdao JOY Billiards Group was founded in 1998, it is the largest Chinese eight ball production and service-oriented enterprise in China,

Featured product JOY brand billiard table has become the essential product for high-grade billiard club in the Northern China.

Featured event JOY CUP World Chinese Eight Ball Masters has became the synonym of Chinese eight ball. Main business is including: manufacture of high grade Chinese eight ball table, professional event organization, star player management, and ipool projection technology.

Biggest Billiard Event Company

Qinhuangdao JOY Billiards Promotion Co., Ltd is the member of Qinhuangdao JOY Billiards Group, it is the biggest billiard event organizer in China at present.

At present, this company is the only billiard event company which has

independent international event property rights and brand.

Its World Chinese Eight Ball Masters is the top-level professional event of world Chinese eight ball, and it is also a hot program of CCTV at Lunar New Year season;

In addition to this,  more than 100 billiard star challenge matches, non-professional league matches and university league organized by Qinhuangdao JOY Billiards Promotion Co., Ltd every year are very popular.

Qinhuangdao JOY Billiards Promotion Co., Ltd is founded in 2006, until now, it has 4 efficient elite teams: professional event project team, professional media propaganda team, professional HD video team, professional referee team,  formed a mature mode to promote Chinese eight ball, and established the pioneering advantages of billiard industry.

World Chinese Eight Ball Masters is the biggest Chinese eight ball event which is intensively built by Qinhuangdao JOY Billiards Promotion Co., Ltd, it is the initiate of national sports internationalization.

Every year, the top billiard players of eight ball, nine ball, and snooker gathers to this event and compete for the honor.

The event influences nationwide and also to the world.

Every year CCTV5 has a 4-day live broadcast for World Chinese Eight Ball Masters, the Xinhua News Agency, Peoples Daily, China Sports Daily,  Sohu, Sina, Tencent and about 50 media report the whole event.

The media of the UK, USA, like AZB focus on the event, and make page report for it.

First Chinese Billiard Star Brokerage Company

JOY Billiards Brokerage Co., Ltd is the member of Qinhuangdao JOY Billiards Group, it is the first billiards brokerage company in China. In 2009, it finished the first Chinese 8 ball billiards star contract sign in 2012, Stephen Hendry signed with JOY Billiards Brokerage Co., Ltd.  JOY
Billiards Brokerage Co., Ltd manage all the brokerage transaction of  Stephen Hendry, Gareth Potts, and Dream Team of Chinese Eight Ball.  Depending on the project properties, and combine with project value and the value of the billiard star, put into market accurately,  and maximize the value. JOY Billiards Brokerage Co., Ltd owns strong line-up of Chinese 8 ball stars, including Stephen Hendry, Gareth Potts, and also keeps business with most of the billiard players worldwide. JOY Billiards Brokerage  Co., Ltd also signed 6 top-level Chinese 8 ball stars in China, and formed World Chinese Eight Ball Dream Team,  promote the brokerage business of the company.
The brokerage business of JOY Billiards Brokerage Co., Ltd is not limited to traditional star business, but also has some characteristic business for different stars. Such as the Wechat website for Stephen Hendry, to develop his fans business, and hold challenge match for Gareth Potts,to increase his athletics value.

Ipool Billiard Projection Technology

Ipool Billiard Technology Co., Ltd is the member of Qinhuangdao JOY Billiards Group, it is a strong performer in Chinese billiard technology companies, and it initiate the billiard interaction projection technology in China, and leads the new fashion of billiard entertainment.

Ipool projection is another masterpiece of Qinhuangdao JOY Billiards Group in billiard entertainment, this technology achieves international advanced level, and puts vivid pictures on the billiard table with projection technology, the picture has different interaction when the balls are moving on the table, which can make the player feels on the scene.