World Chinese Eight Ball Masters

World Chinese Eight Ball Masters is a great scale match which integrated high-end media, global stars and other good quality resources. And now it is the industry benchmark and mileage event of development which attract the general interest of the society. The Masters platform can bear the demand of all aspects. This is the  platform for famous chain clubs, companies, and local government, and it contains huge value.

World Chinese Eight Ball Masters is consist of four Chinese qualifying stations, one qualifying of final masters, and the finals. Chinese qualifying stations, and qualifying of final masters are contributed by JOY enterprise and JOY clubs and join hands with other sponsoring enterprises. Here is the detailed introduction of the supports for Chinese qualifying stations, and qualifying of final masters:

Media Support—Professional media publicity team

There is the Chinese Eight Ball portal website, and the exclusive cooperation privilege about Wechat ,Weibo of the star player. During the World Chinese Eight Ball Masters, the cooperation with CCTV5, Xinhua News Agnecy, People’s Daily, China News Service, China Youth News Daily, China Sports Daily, Sports Illustrated ,New Sports, TrendSports, Lianhe Zaobao, Southern Metropolis Daily, Beijing Times, Beijing Evening News, Beijing,, Sohu,YOUKU and other medias, we have excellent event report ability and event market planning ability.

We have good cooperation relationship with billiards industry and sports media, and we have multi-channel spread ability.

Video Support—Professional HD Video Team

We have professional HD video team, and top LIVE video, recorded broadcast. During the World Chinese Eight Ball Masters, our video team will cooperate with CCTV-5 to do event broadcast. And our video team has cooperated with city level and provincial level TV station to broadcast and make videos about the sports meeting, music festival.

Competition Support—Professional Billiard Judge Team

We have a team of national level billiard judges who have professional judge quality and best judge level. They required themselves strictly, and to protect the World Chinese Eight Ball Masters with the fair and impartial judge spirit for 8 years.

Management Support—Professional Event Project Team

Since 2006,event project team has successfully planed and operated about 100 projects, which makes numbers of initiate in the billiard industry. The typical project World Chinese Eight Ball Masters is famous all over the world, and also win the recognition of government departments, and the praise of CCTV5, and People’s Daily.

Attract Investment Support—Professional Event Attract Investment

The holding of large-scale sports event, can not be separated with commercial operations and the support of sponsors. World Chinese Eight Ball Masters is equipped with professional investment attraction advisers, this professional team can assist local clubs who want to hold a match to attract investment, which can realize maximization of the event profit and the commercial operation of the event.

Applicability—Commercial element Stage

As world top sports event, World Chinese Eight Ball Masters can improve the popularity of local enterprises. This is the chance for enterprises to promote themselves, and it is also the stage for commercial display.