Historical Events of Chinese Eight Ball


In August, the first JOY Eight Ball Ranking Tournament held successfully in Beijing, This is the first Chinese Eight Ball professional event.

From August 2006 to February of 2007, four matches of  first JOY Eight Ball Ranking Tournament held respectively in Beijing, Shenyang, Changchun, Beijing.


In August, Taiwan billiard star Li Boxian who is the first international billiard player attended the second Chinese Eight Ball Ranking Tournament in Shenyang.

From June 2007 to May 2008, three matches of  second JOY Eight Ball Ranking Tournament held successfully in Yantai, Shenyang, Hohhot.


In May, Hohhot. The second JOY Eight Ball Ranking Tournament was the first Chinese Eight Ball match which is hold in ten thousands people venues.

In July, Xinxiang. The third JOY Eight Ball Ranking Tournament showed the public spirit for the first time, and hold public welfare tournament for Wenchuan Earthquick.

From July to December, three matches of  third JOY Eight Ball Ranking Tournament held successfully in Xinxiang, Qingdao, Shizuishan.


In March, Beijing, approved by the Multi-ball Games Administrative Centre of General Administration of Sport of China, Joy Chinese Eight Ball Ranking tournament upgraded to the unique national Chinese Eight Ball Match which represents the highest level of organization and competition.

In May, Joy Billiard Promotion signed Chinese Eight Ball star ChenQiang, ShiXin, and this is the first contract-signing event of Chinese Eight Ball. This event promoted the professionalization process of Chinese Eight Ball.

From May 2009 to February 2010 national  Eight Ball Ranking Tournament held successfully in Jiaozuo, Beijing, and Shengfang.


In January, the first professional HD video team especially for Chinese eight ball was founded in Qinhuangdao, the reporting of Chinese eight ball entered Internet multimedia era.
In May, Beijing. Joy match official website settled in SOHU Sports, this is the first match who set the official website on top web portals.
In July, Wenzhou. The  title of Photogenic Woman Player is set, this is the first activity  for the women players of Chinese eight ball.
In July,Wenzhou. Chinese eight ball entered the telecast hall and on live for the first time.

In October, Qinhuangdao. Chinese Eight Ball Website was launched .This is the first Chinese eight ball industry website.
From July 2009 to June 2011, national  Eight Ball Ranking Tournament held successfully in Wenzhou, Ordos, and Dalian.


In June, Qinhuangdao. Joy signed Chinese eight ball star player, Ma Zhiyu, WangYan, WangPeng, and established the dream team of Chinese eight ball. This promoted the spread of this sport.


In February, Beijing. Joy Billiard Promotion signed Stephen Hendry—the Billiards Emperor.  National Chinese Eight Ball Ranking Match upgraded to World Chinese Eight Ball Masters, this match started to be well-known around the world.

From June to September, Englon Automobile joined hands with Joy Billiards, planned and held the biggest scale billiard commercial match—Englon-Joy Cup, Hendry Chinese Eight Ball Challenge Match. Toured around Baotou, Beijing, Shenyang, Yinchuan, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Jinan,Tianjin, Hohhot, Shizuishan,  Xiangyang, Baoding, Yanji, Puyang, Lanzhou, Benxi, Harbin and so on.

From June to December, Joy Billiard signed Ralf Souquet and Kelly Fisher in succession. The Chinese eight ball challenge match of these two players started . Toured around Leqing, Hengshui, Daqing, Shizuishan, Pujiang, Shuozhou, Wuhan and so on.

In November, Qinhuangdao. Joy signed Chinese eight ball star player, Shi Hanqing, ChenQiang,  expanded the  Dream Team of Chinese Eight Ball, and strengthened the promotion of Chinese eight ball.

In December, Beijing. World Chinese Eight Ball Masters achieved cooperation with CCTV-5,CCTV-5 broadcasted Chinese Eight Ball for the first time.

In December, Beijing.  Joy Chinese Eight Ball table QS011-9(Q8) is granted the appointed Table for the first CCTV-5 World Chinese Eight Ball Masters.

From April to December, ten qualified stations and one final qualified station were held successfully in Changchun, Lanzhou, Benxi, Changsha, Shuozhou, Wuhan, Harbin, Pujiang, Beijing and Qinhuangdao.


In January, Qinhuangdao. The first World Chinese Eight Ball Masters was held in Qinhuangdao  Olympic Sports Center. This match realized the final competition between top international and national billiard players on the international stage for the first time.
In February, Qinhuangdao. Joy Billiard Promotion  signed the champion of world Chinese Eight Ball Masters, Gareth.David.Potts.  Chinese eight ball is deeply influenced by  Potts Break, Potts Cue and some other technical terms named after him.

From May to October, Hendry Chinese Eight Ball challenge matches toured around Hohhot, Beijing, Datong, Liupanshui,  Langfang, Anshan,Suzhou, Gongyi and so on.

From August to November, Gareth Potts Chinese Eight Ball Challenge matches  toured around Beijing,Changchun,Xinxiang,Hengshui, Shizuishan  and so on.
From May to December,4 qualified stations and 1 final qualified station of second World Chinese Eight Ball Masters was held successfully in Shangrao,Anshan,Suzhou,Changchun, and Langfang.


In January, Qinhuangdao,the invitation match of second Chinese Eight Ball Masters was held in Olympic Sports Center of Qinhuangdao.
In January, Fisher New Year Greeting, New Year celebration match of Chinese Eight Ball toured around Jilin,Shuangyang,Siping, Jiaozhou,Changchun, Cangzhou,Yanan.
In March, WASU Media purchased the video product of the Masters Tournament, Masters Tournament and Joy Video packaging is accepted by this industry.
In April, Qinhuangdao. Joy and Wanda Real Estate signed the agreement of services and promotion,  this is the first crossover cooperation between billiard and real estate.
In October,Beijing.368 players took part in World Chinese Eight Ball Masters  (Beijing Station), this is a new record of Chinese Eight Ball.
In November, Beijing. Joy signed the live broadcast cooperation agreement of 2015-2017 with CCTV sports &entertainment Co., Ltd. This is the first time that CCTV signed cooperation agreement about multi sports competition season live broadcasting with Chinese Billiard tournament.
In November, Hunan Province. No.2500 Joy billiard club opened up.