JOY is founded in 1998, according to the company philosophy of sincerity, professional, and human-oriented, JOY injects the expectation to the products and sincere heart for clients into the trademark of pool table.

In the trademark, “乔氏” is the Chinese name of the product, this is the concentrated reflect of JOY’s determination of build a century-old enterprise with sincerity. “JOY”is the English name of the product, it means happy, it shows the ideal of JOY------people oriented, spread joy. Every pool table is a carrier of JOY’s pursuit for bring joy to the clients. “┓”and “___”in the trade mark means two significant patented technology , JOY“┓”steel cushion and taper pin connected superfinished slate. These are the representatives of seven patents and 1 British patent of JOY. With the industrial spirit of profession, JOY ‘s billiard table quality is always among the best of world.

The founder of JOY, Mr. Qiao Yuanxu has a faith: to make JOY billiard table and Chinese eight ball come to the top-level of the world! We believe that with the kindness of the clients and our constant effort, this day is in the near future.